WARNING! These pages contain mature content intended for 18+ audiences which may be disturbing to some!

Individual content warnings will appear on individual game pages. Also note that I will not be linking directly to other Charon-based pages due to the egregious amount of adult content that isn't limited to gore.

Charon is a development team of three people dedicated to making visual novels. Their games are most often romance and horror themed, with mystery and drama elements. They tend to focus on the "yandere" trope, and making subversions of it. They started out developing in RPGMaker, but since 2015 they have used Tyranobuilder for most games.

Most games have only one good or "true" ending per route, and one bad ending, but this is subverted in their most recent release (Saikoro Saiko).

Promo videos for their next work, coming August of 2023!