WARNING! This game contains mature content intended for 18+ audiences which may be disturbing to some!

Content Warnings: Self-harm, Abuse, Bullying, Stalking, Murder, Sexual Content, Explicit Violence, Gore, and Implied Sexual Violence

Saikoro Saiko is a visual novel created by Charon in 2019 using TyranoBuilder. It is a sequel to Menherafflesia and contains both characters and themes of its predecessor.

As for its story, the game focuses on a second year high-schooler named Metarou, who has no real goals for the future or passions other than a healthy love for light novels, as well as his two best friends, Yukimaru and Nana.

The prologue shows Metarou as a prisoner, put up against who we later find out to be Matarou (the protagonist of Mikoto Nikki). They decide to bet with a die, trying to figure out which one of them should be allowed to escape before their executions. Each result on the die correlates to a certain girl and her route. Each protagonist is named Saiko, each using different kanji to spell their name.

First Roll - Muscari

Metarou is a second-year high school student with a girlfriend, Nana, who is sweet and a little mean and makes him food and visits his apartment every weekend. But there's this transfer student who happens to have moved into the apartment next to his, Saiko, who is elegant, smart, and even a better cook than Nana. And it's pretty clear she's interested in Metarou, so it worries him a little to have her so close.

Second Roll - Rosemary

Metarou reunites with a childhood friend, Saiko, who has now grown up and become an assistant to his teacher. And as they become closer, Saiko seems to be exactly as he remembers... Right?