Amarus M. Radio
NicknamesMars, Ama
PronounsHe/him, She/her
AgeMid 30s
OccupationUniversity Professor (Formerly)
  • Lemon Demon
  • Sweets
  • Reading
  • Loud Noises
  • Pork
  • Horror Movies

Amarus M. Radio is a character in the Address.


Book Form

In book form, Radio is a medium-sized spiral-bound book, with many different pieces of paper taped in. He has a green alien on his front cover as well as purple and gray radial stripes.

Human Form

Radio appears to be an adult, though his gender presentation depends on the situation. Most commonly, you'll find her in a long lab coat, jeans, and a turtleneck, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. He is a bit over 5'10, but appears shorter because he's constantly hunched over out of habit. Her irises glow bright green and she has dark green/black sclera, and her nose is flat and points downwards slightly. Naturally her eyes are very round and big, but she constantly has them half-lidded, giving them a half moon shape. He is extremely thin, with a rectangular body type, though his weight varies a bit depending on his emotional state, dropping whenever he's stressed out.

Her color palette varies but can be split into his normal color palette and his unnatural color palette. in his natural color palette, she has tan skin and currently-graying long dark brown hair. In his unnatural color palette his skin is a bright purple, and his hair is a dark magenta, still graying. These color palettes are most commonly used to add to the emotion of a piece, though are commonly interchangeable.


Radio most often appears to be apathetic, although not quite to the point of being cold and uncaring. She tries to make light of things when she can, though is generally better at this around kids and teens rather than other adults. He also tries to help people out and if someone asks him to help with something he'll do the best he can to, at least most of the time. She's not quite a people pleaser but likes to make other people happy because they tend to give her praise for it, which she enjoys.

He doesn't like to show his emotions ever, which leads to him looking like he's completely put together in situations where he is mentally freaking out, and he tends to run away from people because he doesn't want them to see that he's not all-equipped to handle everything. in moments where he can't quite control his emotional response he tends to go completely inside his head and stop responding to anything around him, though he doesn't do this on purpose. The only people she trusts enough to see him feeling anything are Renri and Astro, though she has to be to an emotional breaking point for even that to happen.

Towards other adults Radio tends to be polite, but doesn't quite put his all into the conversation, since he knows most things that he finds interesting are not going to be things that others find interesting. However, towards students and people younger than her, she tends to give off facts since people seem to think she's smart for it, and because she finds it quite fun to talk about ufology and mythology and much else.

When Radio likes something, he tends to obsess over it be it an area of study or a piece of media or even a person. With people, this leads to her spending too much time with her subject of interest, though she doesn't pick up on this much at all. With Astro, this lead to him obsessing over him after Astro had become one with the Gateway, specifically obsessing over getting him back, to the point where he was willing to put himself into physical harm if it gave him a chance to get him back, though most of these attempts failed.

Radio's natural curiosity towards the unknown also leads to her doing things that most others would consider 'bad ideas'. This curiosity resulted in the hypothesis that eventually created Renri as she is today. After getting astro back he becomes more curious into the idea of the dead and the undead, though this takes a different shape in his human form than his book form. She doesn't have many moral qualms with harming another person if it gains her knowledge, which she holds as more valuable than most other people, but not herself. However, he would prefer if he was ridding the world of a person who harms others for no reason.


Early Life

Not much is known about Radio's early life. An individual named 'Ares' was apparently an important person in his life, but had given him issues with his ability to trust others and himself, affecting how he interacts with all people. He refuses to talk about anything more than that.

As an adult, he enrolled in an unnamed university and studied astronomy to eventually become a teacher for it, and though he always prefered the UFOlogy and biology aspect of space, he found a love in learning about the chemistry of other planets. Eventually, when EBRBV was first opening, he applied to be an astronomy professor (under the assumption that he would be working alone). He and another colleague, Astro, were chosen to head the astronomy department of the school, and under the circumstance that none of the founders were avalible, run it.

The Address

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