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Welcome Home.

Welcome to EBRBV University! Home to the scientists who discovered celestial body GY-6, we're an advanced school of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, focused on the study of other worlds.

Our researchers dedicate every day to not only discover but learn and understand what's out there beyond our reach.

We have recently launched our new linguistics program, dedicated to deciphering communications from the great beyond. To learn more, please go to and look around!


After the rebellion and subsequent destruction of their library, six librarians make their way outside for the first time since they can remember. They learn of the prestigious EBRBV University, and visit it in hopes of finding someone, since their city seems to have been completely abandoned for some time. There, they first find a silohuette guy, only known as the Gateway, and the reclusive scientist Radio who has been reseaching the Gateway for years. But, things seem to escalate as the books are all trapped within the univesity, so the group is tasked with figuring out how to escape while in-fighting and turmoil only grows.

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