Astro Brody
PronounsHe/him, They/them
AgeMid 30s
OccupationUniversity Professor (Formerly)
  • Old Music
  • Arcades
  • Crowded Spaces
  • Overheating

Astro Brody is a character in the Address. He is primarily mentioned by Radio, and appears in most flashback sequences as the POV character. He first appears in chapter 2, although his voice can be heard in a section of chapter 1.


Book Form

In book form, Astro is a semi-large book, being a textbook. His cover is split diagonally with two shades of purple and overlayed with stars. He also wears square-shaped glasses. Post-game, he has a large green scar going up from the bottom of his cover to slightly above his left eye.

Human Form

Astro appears to be an adult with dark purple hair, partially graying on the short parts, and brown or black eyes. He is quite tall, standing a bit over 6 feet, but tends to try and take up as little space as possible. He is most often seen wearing t-shirts decorated with various space related logos, although his favorite is an X-Files based UFO shirt. He also wears jeans, and usually has a labcoat on over the t-shirt (even though he thinks its unnecessary).

As for body type, Astro is completely average, and his most memorable aspects, such as his downturned eyes and romanesque nose are facial features.

As with most Address characters, his color palette will vary depending on the piece, with his natural skin tone being a pale olive tone, dotted with freckles, and his unnatural skin tone being a medium bluish purple.


Astro generally comes off as nervous but friendly, and tends to not know what to do with himself, or where to rest his arms.