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Lone Star Locations



Name Type Faction (If Applicable)
The Alamo Monument
Alamo Heights Shelter
Astrocode Production Headquarters Factory
Austin City
Bee Cave Cave
Bluebonnet Technologies Factory Factory
Bluebonnet Technologies Headquarters Ruin
Bowie Caravan Company Village Bowie Caravan Company
Brotherhood of Steel Bunker Camp Brotherhood of Steel
Calaveras Lake Natural Landmark
Camp Maybury Military Installation
Canyon Lake Natural Landmark
Capitol Building Monument Followers of the Apocalypse
Crockett Air Force Base Military Installation Brotherhood of Steel
Daisy Railyard Ruin
Driftwood Motel Shelter
Followers Outpost Camp Followers of the Apocalypse
Fort Blank Camp
Fort Houston Military Installation
Galaxy News Radio Radio Station
Girl Scout Outpost Camp Girl Scouts of America
Goat Caves Cave
Graveyard Radio Tower Radio Station
Johnson City City Our Lady of Unending Grace
Johnson City Radio Radio Station Our Lady of Unending Grace
Kyle City
The Lakehouse Shelter Girl Scouts of America
Lake Travis Natural Landmark
Laverne Caverns Cave
Lockhart Township
Lockhart Caves Cave
National Radio Radio Station
New Athens Village
New Braunfels City
The Nursery Village
Odysseus Lab Building
Poseidon Energy Plant Factory
Poseidon Energy Station
Restings Township
RobCo Processing Facility Factory
San Antonio City
Smiley Shelter
St. Mary's Hospital Shelter
The Stop Village The Stops Family
Sunset Valley Township N/A
Vault 18 Vault Vault-Tec
Vault 42 Vault Vault-Tec
Vault 67 Vault Vault-Tec
West Poseidon Energy Station

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