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Lone Star Factions

Major Factions

Icon Faction Locations Leader(s)
Girl Scouts of America The Lakehouse, Fort Houston, Girl Scout Outpost Daria Kosta
Geneva Serena
Our Lady of Unending Grace Johnson City Farewell D. Johnson

Minor Factions

Icon Faction Locations Leader(s)
Brotherhood of Steel Crockett Air Force Base, Brotherhood of Steel Bunker Elder Lyndon
Followers of the Apocalypse Capitol Building, Followers Outpost Maria Donovan
The Stops Family The Stop
Nightwalkers None None


Icon Faction Location Leader(s)
The Independent State of New Athens New Athens
Restings Restings
Sunset Valley Sunset Valley


Icon Faction Locations Leader(s)
Bowie Caravan Company Bowie Caravan Comapny
Vault-Tec (Pre-war) Vault 18, Vault 67, Vault 42 ???

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