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Mars Ravelle

Full Name Atlas Marcelo Ravelle
Age 24 (Lone Star)
34 (NV)
40 (Fo4)
Pronouns Any, favors
Affiliation Stops Family (when met)
Brotherhood of Steel (up to 2288)
Role Spade
Star Paladin
Family Alexsandr Ravelle (father)
Holly Ravelle (brother)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Appears in Fallout: Lone Star
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 4

Mars Ravelle, also known as Courier Six, is the main protagonist of F:NV Lure and FO4, as well as a companion during Fallout: Lone Star. He holds the rank of Star Paladin within the Texan chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Vault 18

Mars grew up in the city surrounding Vault 18, being the son of the Radio DJ, Alexsandr Ravelle. Due to the nature of the vault's experiment, he was taught to speak English, Russian, and Spanish fluently, and can understand bits and pieces of many other languages. Many of the city's residents can comment on his presence if one takes him there, referring to him by his first name.

Around when Mars was 17, his mother died and not wanting to stay with his father, he made his way out into the wasteland. He stumbled upon the Stop and became aqquainted with the son of one of the leaders, Ares, who agreed to sponsor his entrance into the faction.

The Stop

Mars' time in the Stop was physically demanding, as he had been at the lowest tier in the faction for all of his time there. He was made to be a personal helper for Ares, and had to deal with abuse that he barely elaborates on, but can be inferred given his reactions to certain things.

Just before Lone Star, he had tried to escape by himself and ended up being caught. As punishment, he was thrown in a half-broken wooden shed that was then set on fire. The intent was probably to kill him, but Mars was able to break down the door in time to avoid being suffocated by the smoke.

When you meet Mars within Lone Star, you find him within the infirmary at the Stop, covered in bandages. He couldn't speak at the time, smoke from the fire having damaged his vocal chords, but if you agree to help him escape, he'll come along with you as a companion. As Mars heals throughout your travels he'll also open up to the player about his time at the Stop.

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