This is a page dedicated to all my OC projects/stories. For this page, I'm going in chronological order, but even near the top you might find projects that are unfinished or unreleased for the time being. The goal is obviously to have these done eventually, but it's hard to say when exactly that might be.

Opalverse - 2016

The Opalverse is a multimedia project mainly developed by me and Mason. I mainly focus on running the youtube channel which focuses on animatics and such of the characters, which I have helped run since 2016 (when I was 12, which is why some of the videos art quality is not up to par with my art nowadays). Mason runs a webcomic surrounding the backstory of one of the main characters, a girl named Lust (Pictured: Far right).


In this universe, nobody is allowed to die before it’s their time. However, free will is still a thing, and people do make dangerous and unforseen decisions. When a person does die before it’s their time to go, their soul has to be supported by another spirit, divine in nature. However, if a person’s fatal flaw is involved in their untimely death, a malevolent spirit embodying that flaw could be that support, exacerbating the flaw tenfold.

This is where our characters come in. Each of them died because of their flaws, and they cannot help but embody those flaws. Selfishness, anger, unending hunger… It’s hard to think people like them can change. However, with the addition of Lillith into their group, something sinister makes itself known, something older than life itself. How do they stop this? Should they, if its even possible?

Deities (Working Title) - 2018

The lore for this one has changed heavily since I first concepted this story. It follows a group of 5 people, all tied together as reincarnations of ancient greek deities, as the need for them has risen once again. There's no set format for this story yet, since I think a book would be the best way to tell it, and I don't think I have the skill to write something like that just yet.

Dream Therapy - 2019

RPGMaker Game. Liam Burns has been having trouble remembering things. Before the doctor told him, he couldn't even remember his name. Why is he in such a weird hospital? And why are all the other patients kids?

The Address - 2020

After a rebellion left their library in shambles, a group of books goes searching for something to do. Ft. Cosmic entities, only slightly mad scientists, and a lot of flashbacks.

There's Something in the Lunch Meat... - 2021

The first finished project on this list. It's a short game made in Ren'Py for my Animation 3 class. It was written in a week, so the quality of the writing isn't the best, but I still enjoy it. The music, sprites, and programming were done by me, but the character designs, backgrounds, and other extra stuff were made by my partners in the project.

World of Talent - 2022

Danganronpa Fangame...

Fallout: Lone Star/Courier Mars - 2023

A Fallout Fan Story + It's sequel. Lone Star takes place in Central-West Texas, and follows a newly christened ranger named Ronnie Walker, who is trying her best to help out communities in the wasteland. Courier Mars is the story of Fallout: New Vegas, but following former Lone Star companion Mars Ravelle.